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Winter 12-3-2022

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Open Access Capstone


State legislatures across the country have made numerous attempts to pass bills that reflect a lack of understanding and empathy for transgender people (Branigin & Kirkpatrick, 2022). Social workers must be prepared to increase public awareness of the negative consequences for transgender people and society as a whole. One way to respond is to increase awareness. What the process of transitioning for a transgender person might look like, how to help someone who is looking for advice, and gain perspective of the emotional toll it may have on the individual. Therefore, this project will focus on addressing each of those topics. This will be accomplished through a series of infographics on the three main forms of transitioning: social transition, medical transition, and legal transition. Social workers will be able to share these infographics for educational purposes. Recommendations for distribution are provided so that social workers can advocate for others to do the same.


Social Work

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Ann Callahan

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Social Work

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Kelly Ward

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Social Work


I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Ann Callahan and Stephanie Burris for helping review the many drafts of this project.

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