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Winter 12-5-2022

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Open Access Capstone


Interprofessional collaboration is vital in the social work profession. Working with an interprofessional team consisting of various professions and backgrounds is both challenging and rewarding when done correctly. There are numerous models and theories out there for best practices for interprofessional collaboration. This paper evaluates different facets of interprofessional teamwork as a client case study rooted in the nine competencies set forth by the CSWE at the micro, mezzo, and macro level. Topics such as Michelle P. Waiver program, Model for Interdisciplinary Collaboration, ethical dilemmas and violation, how to be culturally responsive, how to handle client termination, and using self-care strategies are some of the topics discussed, all with an emphasis on how it is practiced with a current client’s interprofessional team.

Keywords: interprofessional collaboration, micro, mezzo, macro, social work, core competencies


Social Work

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Ann M. Callahan

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