Occupations, habits, and routines: Perspectives from persons with diabetes

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Almost all of the management of diabetes is the direct responsibility of the person with diabetes. While many studies have attempted to examine issues of management of diabetes and compliance with medical recommendations, little has been done to examine daily diabetic care from an occupational perspective. The purpose of this research was to examine and describe how persons with diabetes perceive the occupations related to the management of their diabetes. Methods: A qualitative methods approach was used including photo elicitation and interviews. A team of student researchers recruited participants for a sample of convenience. Results: The following themes emerged from qualitative cross-case analysis: “Changes over time”; “What to eat”; “Habits and routines”; and “Family: Occupational impacts”. Discussion: Findings highlight the importance of considering the individual experience of diabetes self-management occupations and the need to develop habits and routines to support management of diabetes. Further research is needed to expand our understanding of how daily routines and habits can affect health in persons with diabetes.