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Doctor in Psychology (Psy. D.)


The COVID-19 pandemic led to an influx in therapeutic services provided via web-based “telehealth” platforms. Some therapeutic treatments that were traditionally offered in-person needed to be adapted for telehealth platforms. After virtually beginning ACT with a client who struggled to grasp the material, the ACT PowerPoints were created as an adaptation of an in-person treatment to help the client learn and retain the information. In addition to the ACT PowerPoints, in-session worksheets and homework activities were created as well.

This document examines literature involving the effectiveness and benefits of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), telepsychotherapy, and visual aids. The goal of this project was to examine and consolidate the literature to create a useful ACT PowerPoint for telepsychotherapy sessions that would benefit clients. Following the development and implementation of the ACT PowerPoints, feedback was sought from the clients to determine what changes and improvements needed to be made to the material.

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Myra Beth Bundy, Ph.D.

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Theresa Botts, Ph.D.

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Jerry Palmer, Ph.D.

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