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Spring 2016


Master of Science Degree in Recreation and Park Administration


Recreation and Park Administration




Michael J. Bradley

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


The influx of breweries in America has contributed to increased participation in beer tourism. Plummer, Telfer, Hashimoto, and Summers (2005) define beer tourism as “visitation to breweries, beer festivals and beer shows for which beer tasting and experiencing the attributes of a beer region are the prime motivating factors for visitors” (p. 449). This study aims to explore the people who visit Kentucky craft breweries in order to create a brewery visitor profile and identify motivations. Researchers administered an on-site questionnaire to brewery visitors to gather common demographic data, and participants were asked to rate their level of agreement, ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree, with Likert-style statements on motivation and experience preferences. There were 302 surveys completed, and results suggest Kentucky brewery visitors are primarily male, white, well-educated, having a high yearly income, and an average age of 34 years. Visitors are motivated to visit breweries to try new beer, to experience Kentucky beer, to buy beer, and to be with friends and family. As the craft brewery industry considers the future, visitor profiles and motivations will help guide brewery management to target marketing efforts in ways that position the industry for growth and community impact.