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Creation Date

Spring 3-27-2019


Therapeutic Recreation


Recreation and Park Administration




Michelle Davis Gerken

Mentor Department

Recreation and Park Administration


The researcher examined different aspects related to correctional recreation with the intent of establishing that recreation is a valuable tool for rehabilitation and should be continually implemented in prisons. When individuals have free time and no activities to fill that free time, trouble can arise. The benefits and goals of correctional recreation are then examined. Correctional recreation allows prisoners to make changes to their attitudes and behaviors. These programs have multiple benefits that improve physical, physiological, and social abilities that all have their own value in creating a healthy mind and body in an unhealthy environment. Physical abilities include lowering health risks for older inmates and inmates with a chronic disease and increasing the general physical fitness levels of inmates. Mental abilities include reducing stress and anxiety, defeating social weakness, and relieving the constant pressure of prison life. Social abilities include positive interactions with peers and good sportsmanship practices. The evidence provide concludes the idea that correctional recreation is beneficial to inmates and should not be eliminated from prisons.