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Who Can Submit?

Anyone may submit an original poem, story, article or work of art to Journal of Military Experience provided he or she owns the copyright or is authorized by the copyright owner(s) to submit the article.

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General Submission Rules

Publication in the JME takes place in three stages: Submission, Acceptance, and Publication

Sending us your work constitutes a submission.

After submission, you will be asked to sign a release form and agree to an editorial review process. You are under no obligation to the JME until returning the release form.

Returning the release form and agreeing to the ediorial review process is a requirement for acceptance.

You will be notified of your acceptance for publication in an upcoming volume. Once your work has been accepted we ask that you not submit your work elsewhere until after publication.

Once your work has been accepted you must complete the publication process.

Your work will be reviewed by our editorial staff and you might be asked to make changes or offered suggestions for improvement. The editor assigned to your work determines, ultimately, if your work meets the standards of publication. The editorial review process is designed to help authors/artists meet those standards.

If you submit your work, agree to and return the release form, complete the editorial review process, and meet the content standards decided upon by the staff member assigned to your genre, your work will be published in an upcoming volume.

To submit a work:

  1. You must be the author, or the authorized agent of the author(s) and copyright holder (if different from the author(s));
  2. the author(s) must have approved the work for publication;
  3. the author(s) must have agreed to submit the article to the Journal;
  4. the author(s) must accept full responsibility for the content of the Article;
  5. the Article must be the Author(s) original work and must not contain any libelous or unlawful statements or infringe on the rights or privacy of others or contain material or instructions that might cause harm or injury
  6. the Article must not have been previously published, is not pending review elsewhere, and will not be submitted for review elsewhere pending the completion of the editorial decision process at the Journal.

By submitting the Article, you represent and warrant that the above are true. Further, you agree not to publish the work elsewhere until after publication with the JME.

The Journal is not under any obligation to publish the Article. We will send you notices at the email address associated with your account.

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Formatting Requirements

Please contact the JME Managing Editor, Travis Martin, regarding formatting requirements for the upcoming volume. In general, we ask that all written texts be submitted in a MS Word Document with the following specifications: Pages should 6 X 9 inches with narrow margins. Remove all promotional materials (logos, links to private websites, etc.). Your text should be formatted to size 11, Times New Roman font with 1.5 spacing. List your title first, followed by your name as you would like it to appear in the final version.

JME and Author Rights

By submitting your work to the JME you assign us non-exclusive rights to reproduce the above listed work physically, electronically (in full or in part) and in any media currently or later developed. As author you retain rights to be identified as the author wherever and whenever this submission is published and the right to use all or part of the work with or without revision or modification in compilations or other publications. Any such latter publication(s) shall recognize Journal of Military Experience as the original publisher.

Attribution and Usage Policies

Authors retain the right to reproduce and use their works as they see fit. Readers acknowledge that reproduction, posting, transmission or other distribution or use of the article or any material therein, in any medium requires credit to the copyright holder.

People seeking an exception, or who have questions about use, should contact Travis Martin, the JME Managing Editor, at travis.martin@eku.edu>

General Terms and Conditions of Use

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