Most Recent Additions


Developing Web-based Predictive Application for Crowdfunding Campaigns
David M. Cannon II, Ethen Holzapfel, and Alex Dixon


Effects of Relationship Quality on Body Self-Esteem
Aurora Stamper and Ellen G. Jennings


Cellular Uptake and Targeting of Pt-Mal-LHRH toward Metastatic Ovarian Cancer Cells
Emily McCord, Hunter Hazelwood, Margaret Ndinguri, and Lindsay Calderon


Change Blindness in a Virtual Arcade
Donald A. Varakin, Cindy V. Vasquez-Caballero, Madison M. Major, and Jon D. Phillips


Developing a Virtual Breast Cancer Survivor Support Group
Anne Fleischer, Claire Davies, Ashley Cummings, Karina Christopher, and Ann Callahan


Vision Quest: Examining Ayahuasca in Kentucky, implications for Counseling
Angela C. Spiers EdD LPCC-S NCC, Ralph Turner PhD, Lawrence Crouch PhD LPCC, and Jacob Hurd


Evaluating Trends and Issues withing Municipal Parks
Lauren Kilburn, Makenzie Day, and Jon McChesney


Red River Gorge: Economic Impact of Destination Resort
Makenzie Young and Lauren Kilburn


Brittany nordhoff


21st Century Saree -- Mermaid Style
Miranda Lynn Blakeman and Bandana Pathak


Hydrogeomorphic classification of ridge-top wetlands in the Daniel Boone National Forest
Robert O. Engelman, Jonathan M. Malzone, and Kelly Watson


What Career Fits You: Understanding Yourself and Your Interests
Maya N. Gulliford and Jonathan S. Gore

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