Congratulations to the 2022 Library Research Award for Undergraduates winners: Samantha Neuhaus, Cassidy Laney, and Kaitlyn VanWay!

  • 1st Place winner: Samantha Neuhaus
  • 2nd Place winner: Cassidy Laney
  • 3rd Place winner: Kaitlyn VanWay

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Peeling Off the Proof: Using Peel-Away Polymer Technology in the Collection of Ignitable Liquids During Arson Investigations

Cassidy Laney, Eastern Kentucky University

Prescriptivism, Privilege, and Power: How Standard Language Education Empowers and Devalues Learners

Kaitlyn A. VanWay, Eastern Kentucky University

Shy or Anxious? Examining the Efficacy of School-Based Interventions for Childhood Social Anxiety

Samantha Neuhaus, Eastern Kentucky University