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Perceptions, Attitudes, and Beliefs Regarding a Syringe Exchange Program in a Rural Kentucky County
Abby Beausir MPH, Laurie J. Larkin Dr, Jonathan Varbeck MPH, and Phyllis Bryden Dr.


Using nanocrystal surface chemistry to afford functional materials for energy conversion
Judith L. Jenkins, Allison L. Durr, Kylie N. Heupel, Dakota W. Perkins, Haley M. Sizemore, and Taylor J. Wiseman


Role of Glutathione in Yeast Growth and Fermentation for Beer and Wine Production
Christian Paumi, Snider Chowning, Timothy Schwarze, and Dylan Fugate


Identifying the Economic Impact of Endurance Races Held in Rural Kentucky Counties: A Pike County Case Study
James N. Maples, Michael J. Bradley, Angel Hill, Shaunna Scott, and Ryan L. Sharp Connecting Students to Citizen Science and Curated Collections
Erica R. Krimmel, Debra L. Linton, Travis D. Marsico, Anna K. Monfils, Ashley B. Morris, and Brad R. Ruhfel


Outplacement Counseling for Veterans and Business Mid Level Managers
Angela C. Spiers and Lawrence Crouch Phd LPCC


Relational Mechanisms for Goal Pursuit
Jonathan S. Gore, Raven Hester, Lauren Spegal, Kimberley Kavanaugh, and Yoshie Nakai


Authentic assessment: Use of video feedback to promote critical thinking and performance
Shirley P. O'Brien, Camille Skubik-Peplaski, and Melba G. Custer


A Collaborative, Trilateral Approach to Bridging the Information Literacy Gap in Student Writing
Erin Presley, Jill Parrott, Trenia Napier, and Leslie Valley


Perched-Groundwater Wetland Systems in the Daniel Boone National Forest
Jonathan M. Malzone, Addison Bell, Ethan Sweet, and Lee Minzenberger


Turning Teachers into Action Researchers in their Classrooms
Dusty Columbia Embury and Laura S. Clarke


People-first Language, Equity, and Inclusion: How do we say it, and why does it matter?
Laura S. Clarke, Dusty Columbia Embury, Catherine Knight, and Jennifer E. Christensen


An Exploration of the Structure of Effective Apologies
Roy J. Lewicki, Beth Polin, and Robert B. Lount Jr.


Knowledge Dissemination Channels: Analytics of Stature Evaluation
Liang Chen, Clyde W. Holsapple, Shih Hui Hsiao, Zhihong Ke, J. -Y. Oh, and Zhiguo Yang

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