We are pleased to announce the inaugural issue of Journal of Retracing Africa (JORA). For centuries, Africa’s socioeconomic and political development has been dictated by a dynamic and complex coalescence of external and domestic forces. Narratives on Africa abound. Many, unfortunately, hold myths, misconceptions, and misrepresentations of issues and events surrounding the continent. The launching of JORA is an attempt to offer a thoughtful and balanced reconstruction of African societies, histories, and cultures. By providing a platform for scholars to provide their unique perspectives on all aspects of the African experience, JORA makes a valuable contribution towards producing an account about Africa that is more accurate, comprehensive, and reliable.

The two articles offered in this issue, coupled with nine book reviews, will undoubtedly engage our thinking about how global forces have intermingled with domestic elements to shape the political and economic landscape in Africa in the colonial and postcolonial era.