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Case Studies & Applied Research


In a world of exponentially changing and disparate economic realities, college professors strive to create course projects that help inspire and transform student-learners into informed and active citizens who are prepared for the global workplace, and who have a growing awareness of how various issues impact their region. This paper scrutinizes the design, process, and outcomes of a student media project and refl ects upon the best practices for encouraging media literacy and student engagement with course projects in higher education. This article focuses on student media projects created by a global issues course at a two-year college. The project required students in the course to research, shoot, and edit videos regarding regional transportation issues while working with a community partner (a regional transportation authority) as a client and the ultimate destination for the video projects. The choices made, lessons learned and resulting outcomes are presented as potential best practices for those who might wish to follow a similar path in designing a project for their course.