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Case Studies & Applied Research


The university student population is changing and more students choose to complete graduate programs while working full-time and going to school part-time. Part-time graduate students, who are working towards a professional degree in the human services domain often struggle finding quality internship placements that are available during non-regular office hours. At the same time, non-profit organizations, especially those who are small and lesser known, struggle to recruit, train, and retain high quality volunteers. This is especially problematic since the number of non-profits is increasing and the number of volunteers decreasing. To look for answers both university part-time programs and non-profits must look to innovative solutions. The literature speaks of the necessity of partnerships but there is a lack of specific examples within the literature. This exploratory study describes how a partnership between a university part-time graduate program in social work and a local non-profit grief camp program for children led to a win-win situation that fulfilled the needs of both and provided future social workers with a high quality internship opportunity.