While aligning the Common Core Standards with Eastern Kentucky University’s General Education and Teacher Preparation courses has been the main focus of Curriculum Alignment for Retention and Transition at Eastern (CARTE), another way we responded to Senate Bill 1 was to identify ways in which to teach this new alignment at the college level. Our solution was to partner with Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education to create a website on best teaching practices and to task each of our Professional Learning Communities with adapting the best teaching practices to its specific discipline (e.g., teacher prep). The result was the creation of Best Practices for Highly Effective Teaching Module Resources, a section of the website of the Kentucky Core Academic Standards for Postsecondary Education. By going beyond the Senate Bill 1 mandate, the website for best practices of highly effective teaching and learning is one more way that Kentucky has positioned itself as a leader in the common core alignment process.

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