In this early part of the 21st century, education leaders are increasingly challenged to improve P-12 teaching and learning to increase student achievement and to prepare all students for college and career success. Education reforms such as the adoption of the Common Core Standards within existing policies and practices of state department, district and school bureaucracies requires the repurposing and refocusing of existing resources and structures. This article describes the efforts in one state to employ collaboration to meet the requirements of legislated mandates for implementation of the Common Core Standards in English language arts and mathematics and the implications of the legislated mandates for postsecondary education. Three education entities (a university, schools, and a state agency) collaborated to design and implement professional development to inform K-12 teachers, state agency personnel, and university faculty about legislated mandates for K-12 education (e.g., state implementation of the Common Core Standards for college- and career-readiness, increase in high school graduation rates, etc.). As the state was the first to adopt the Common Core Standards and the first to assess K-12 student learning in this education reform context, this early adopter model of professional development will be useful and informative for others embarking on such efforts.

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