University Presentation Showcase: Undergraduate Division


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Attitudes and Behaviors of Kentucky Residents Toward Climate Change

Bradley Behymer, Eastern Kentucky University

Attitudes and Behaviors of the Eastern Kentucky University Community Towards Environmental Sustainability and Concerns.

Connor B. Hess
Stephen Sumithran, EKU
Rachelanne Knoll, EKU

Better Than We Knew Ourselves: An Exploration of Midwest Emo and How Music Makes Connections

Malcolm J. Hale, Model Laboratory High School

Building a Geodatabase for Facilities Services at EKU.

Randal D. Caudill, EKU
John E. Koontz, EKU

Climatic Trends in Madison & Fayette County, Kentucky

Amber Phelps, Eastern Kentucky University

Coyotes in Kentucky: Collaboration with Nolin River Wildlife

Ian P. Walton, Eastern Kentucky University
Emma King, Eastern Kentucky University

Critical Revisions in Sexual Harassment Policies at the Collegiate Level

Emily K. Cook, Model Laboratory Schools

Darkness and Light: The Connection Between Personality and Conspiracy Beliefs

Hannah Daugherty

Defining Best Management Practices for Bee Conservation in Agroforestry Systems

Elijah C. Cardona, Eastern Kentucky University

Differences in Acceptance of Refugees among College Students​

Lauren Schott, Eastern Kentucky University
Sarah Nolan, Eastern Kentucky University
Leslie Bicknell, Eastern Kentucky University

Do Foreign Accents Influence the Perceived Difficulty of a Sentence?

Haleigh Hamilton, Eastern Kentucky University
Hannah Daugherty, Eastern Kentucky University
Jordyn Nickens, Eastern Kentucky University
Jenna Shoemaker, Eastern Kentucky University
Caroline Haydon, Eastern Kentucky University

Do Stress and Sun Exposure Alter the Rate of Squamous and Basal Cell Carcinoma Diagnoses?

Bradley S. Lackey, Eastern Kentucky University

Does linguistic background influence academic anxiety in Latino students?

Angie J. Marroquin, Eastern Kentucky University

(Emergent research) How do people’s perceptions of stigmatized individuals change based on word choices?

Donovan M. Oakley, Eastern Kentucky University

Exploring the Challenges of Biracial & Multiracial Latino/as in the U.S.

Kaitlin Coyle

Gender socialization and Perceptions of Abortion

Lily G. Meade, Model Laboratory School

How Adoption Impacts Adoptees’ Mental Well-Being

Ellaciah R. Marks, Model Laboratory School

How do accents influence a speaker's credibility?

Montserrat Cruz, Eastern Kentucky University

How do athletes present their sexual orientation in the broader sports community and why?

Payton K. Sparks, Model Laboratory School

How food insecurity goes beyond food: Research and recommendations for higher education

Eric DeMunbrun

Influence of various meteorological conditions on the movement of White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) at the Taylor Fork Ecological Area, Madison County, Kentucky.

Brian Hoover, Eastern Kentucky University

Knowledge of Eastern Kentucky Residents Towards Freshwater Conservation and Their Perception of the KDFWR

James X. Henson, Eastern Kentucky University
Stephen Sumithran, Eastern Kentucky University
Sherry Harrel, Eastern Kentucky University

More Than Just A Condition: A Deeper Dive Into Eczema

Shalin V. Kutty-Poffenberger, Model Laboratory School

Music Genres, Rhythm, and Tempo: The Impact on Heart Rate and Music Therapy

Keshav W. Bhandari

Nutrient and Fecal Microbe Contamination in the Otter Creek Watershed, Madison County, Kentucky

Andruw T. Stewart, Eastern Kentucky University

Pathways to Educational Attainment for Latinx Students

Elizabeth Guadarrama

Political Affiliations and Views on Environmental Issues

Hannah I. Ramsey, Model Laboratory Schools

Situational and Motivational Factors that Influence Enjoyment in Sport

Keiley Sewell

Skincare Consumerism: Experience and Knowledge

Serena D. Florell, Eastern Kentucky University

Sociological Analysis of Omicron's Influences on Kentucky Counties

Sarah Cooper

Studying Abroad In Granada Spain

Jackson Arel, SIT Study Abroad

The Association Between Fast Food Family Meals and Family Relationships

Nicole Tioukalova, Model Laboratory Schools

The Children's Hours: A Poem, A Song, A Study.

Hannah E. Houston, Eastern Kentucky University

The effects of resting membrane potential and synaptic transmissions by Doxapram at the Drosphila Neuromuscular Junction

Rachael Marie Mei Vascassenno, Eastern Kentucky University
Christine N. Haddad, University of Kentucky
Robin L. Cooper Dr., University of Kentucky

The Future of Human Trafficking Legislation: A Policy Analysis

Zoe E. Hunt, Eastern Kentucky University

The influence of fashion trends on adolescents’ clothing decisions, self esteem, and body image

Elyssa L. Bradburn, Model Laboratory Schools

The Moderating Effect of Optimism on Mood State and Prosocial Behavior

Dakota Taylor

The Role of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in Healthcare

Abigail Walcott, Eastern Kentucky University

The Upcoming of al-Shabaab

Armand C. Altamirano, Armand Clemente Altamirano

The Use of Ground Penetrating Radar for Archaeology at White Hall State Historic Site

B. Marley Yopp, Eastern Kentucky University
Abigale N. Maxey, Eastern Kentucky University

The Use of Ground Penetrating Radar for Archaeology at White Hall State Historic Site

Abigale N. Maxey, Eastern Kentucky University
B. Marley Yopp, Eastern Kentucky University

To what extent do school dress codes discriminate female-identifying students, and how can they be improved to minimize sexism

Hannah R. Hutchinson

Touch DNA: An Evaluation of a Novel Collection Method

Hannah M. Varner, Eastern Kentucky University

What methods of subconscious priming are most effective in affecting human decision making?

Zachary R. Starnes, Eastern Kentucky University